About Herriotts World

Herriotts World are proud to be working in schools with our unique range of services. our projects have been described as uplifting, rewarding and relaxed. Working with us will offer schools and communities, new and innovative ways to address their Well-Being.  

Our programs offer children healthy choices, calming strategies and the chance to grow in a safe environment. Teachers work alongside us giving our projects sustainability. Parents can join us on a journey of self discovery and raised self esteem, reducing isolation and promoting socialization with their peers.

We aim to transform the abilities of people in an empowering way by improving their life chances. We create sustainable measurable outcomes that are recorded in line with Ofsted criteria.


Our programs aim to access excluded groups, promote inclusion and develop a greater sense of community cohesion. 

Colleagues experience improved work life balance, children’s emotional wellbeing is nurtured, parents feel less isolated, gain new skills and improved social and economic wellbeing and are supported in seeking employment. 

Herriotts World carry out all the required checks, in accordance with Ofsted current regulations, for staff who visit children’s centres, schools and colleges. This includes appropriate employment checks and an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) disclosure.

All Herriotts World staff carry photo identification badges so that schools can be assured that have passed these rigorous safeguarding checks.


Welcome to our world.


A world where we are making a world of difference