Calm Minds, Calm Spaces

Herriotts World are leaders in the delivery of school Well Being and specialise in a broad and balanced menu of workshops designed to enable students to manage stress through a variety of holistic and sustainable strategies.

• To reduce stress levels
• To develop strategies for calm
• To offer ways to address angst
• To maintain focus and concentration
• To generate a positive approach

Expected Outcomes:
• Lives where calm is the norm
• Reduced stress levels
• Happy, engaged students with a toolbox of sustainable strategies for calm
• Positive, confident, focused students

Here are just a few of our workshop choices available:

Remedial Stretch
Stretching before beginning your day can limber up muscles and help individuals start each day in a more positive frame of mind. This workshop looks at a simple stretch routine to assist even the most reluctant. These stretches done on a regular basis will aid range of movement and flexibility and help you to start each day with a healthy glow.

Positive Affirmation
“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” - Buddha
Affirmations are a very powerful tool in supporting positive thinking and are very effective in changing life patterns and perspectives.

This workshop offers all participants the experience of smelling and mixing oils. We are drawn towards oils that benefit us and so the sampling process is very important. Take away a mix that’s right for you. Use it to enhance your day to day life addressing everything from common ailments to promoting a good night’s sleep.

Explore some of the ancient techniques of relaxation. We will look at breathing techniques to help students really relax and chill. They will be able to clear their mind and develop strategies to switch off and chill out.
Learn the gentle art of Meditation. Meditation is proven, safe and simple way to help relax the mind and body whilst bringing space and clarity to the individual and their current life situation. With the practice of meditation, you can learn how to relax and how to direct your attention for the purpose of exploring your Self and learning about your own emotional and mental responses.

This workshop creates an opportunity to energise the body and mind and prepare for a day of unique calm. The gentle exercise will open your breathing and refresh your entire system. It’s a perfect beginning to cleanse your system and start the day with clarity


Recommended by N.I.C.E. and used by G.P.'s to help prevent recurring depression, mindfulness training is emerging as a tool to develop calm, rational approaches.

Maintaining focus and concentration