We recognize that some children from time to time experience periods of despair, this often leads to physical and emotional set backs, including depression, anxiety, social isolation and feelings of low self worth.  Their levels of self -esteem at this point may be very low and there may be a level in some children of aggressive or withdrawn behaviour.

The ‘Reflect’ program has been designed to encourage participants to identify issues surrounding self esteem, self -image and identity and develop a greater awareness of their own issues, making positive changes, thus promoting greater inclusion. Through a range of activities, combined with care guidance and support from trainers, this program encourages clear aspirations to develop, leading to improved Emotional Well Being and a more positive outlook on life. 
•            to develop raised levels of self esteem with identified groups of children through a progressive program
•            to help children identify where their strengths lie and how best to use them
•            to help children see where they fit into the bigger picture
•            to help children to create positive hopes and dreams for their future.
•            to help children build strong inter personal relationships
•            to help isolated children towards inclusion
•            to reduce levels of unacceptable behaviour , creating a more cohesive school community.
Expected outcomes
•            Participants have an improved perception of themselves; this is impacting on their social and emotional Well- Being.
•            Participants have an increased appreciation of themselves and their family and friends whilst relationships are strengthened because of this. 
•            Participants report they feel more able to cope with times of stress, anxiety and challenge.  The strategies they have learnt are being adopted in daily living. 
•            Participants are able recognise the impact their behaviours have on those around them, including family, friends.
•            Participants’ general health is improved. 
•            Participants have an Increased ability to be able to shoulder responsibilities. 
•            Raised self esteem
•            A reduction in aggressive/ anti social behaviour
•            Less incidents of confrontation either with peers or with adults.
       Making positive changes