Onsite Therapy

Our onsite therapy program is working towards:

  • Everyday chronic ailments are being addressed
  • Reduced staff absence
  • A reduction in Levels of stress
  • Colleagues are feeling valued
  • A happier, healthier school

Aims of this program

  • To bring some real calm and balance into your school by offering colleagues a really comprehensive range of both holistic and beauty therapies.
  • To make a range of health advice cards available for staff as part of an ongoing approach to staff well being.
  • To improve overall school well being.

Onsite therapy offers the opportunity for colleagues to develop their experience in a range of therapies impacting upon personal Well- Being. Therapists offering half hour sessions will provide a full range of treatments addressing the needs of individuals. The time scale or the regularity of the sessions can be altered at any time with reasonable notice.
Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Reiki, Thai foot massage, Aromatherapy massage, clothed chair massage, Manicure, Relaxing hand and arm massage, Holistic facial, Acupressure massage.

The program offers an interesting approach to improving colleagues’ work life balance. Colleagues often find it difficult to fit things into a busy schedule so this does offer an opportunity to take time out for yourself and to fit in those necessary beauty tasks without the hassle of getting in your car and driving there. However the main outcome from this service is observing the clear change in colleague well being and the improved awareness on the whole of how many ways there are to achieve this. It offers colleagues opportunities to develop a more holistic and knowledgeable approach to their personal well being and the chance to gain more knowledge as to how to develop and maintain healthier lifestyles.

Alongside this fantastic well being package, why not try our 20 Day challenge;

We are living in a world where it’s so easy to connect through our ever -advancing technology and yet many of us feel disconnected, sometimes physically, sometimes emotionally. Life is busy, we are it seems constantly chasing our tails to keep up and somehow it seems, the little stuff get missed.

Every one of us wants to form and maintain good professional relationship and sometimes, it’s the small stuff that makes the difference. Focussing both on ourselves but also on these around us can create and improve relationships. Sometimes it’s as much about the thought as the action.

Our 20 day challenge helps colleagues to work towards a kinder more thoughtful and compassionate environment where we can love ourselves a little more and support others along the way. Developing more positive relationships, encouraging colleagues to share thoughts and feelings and seeing the best in others. This challenge is a great way to develop a wonderful bond between colleagues and to create a harmonious school where everyone thrives.




Creating positive experiences