“As the Bee seeks nectar from all kinds of flowers, seek teachings everywhere.”
Yoga postures are fun and can help children to both recharge their energy or burn off excess energy.
Children will learn to steadily and comfortably hold each posture and as time goes by, they will feel stronger and more supple. Yoga postures will relax their bodies and aid their physical development alongside their emotional well-being.
This program offers children both individually and as groups, opportunities to take away some real strategies to;
  • relax body and mind and become more at one
  • work in harmony
  • develop healthy daily practice
  • discover real calm and peace in a busy cluttered world
  • savour opportunities to be still
Aims of the program:
  • to promote well being and calm throughout the school
  • to give children a variety of strategies to deal with a busy world
  • to develop whole school yoga practice
  • to offer a cross curricular approach to yoga that will incorporate opportunities to embrace other subjects into the practice.
  • To calm chattering minds
The program will also aim to incorporate staff and parent training to develop regular practice both in and out of school.
The six weeks program will introduce approximately 12 moves related to nature and animals that can be extended into daily practice in the following ways;
  • whole school assemblies and whole school practice
  • class activities
  • daily focus
  • move of the week
  • setting daily intentions
  • developing positive characteristics.
  • Understanding and using positive affirmations 
Improving co-ordination
and focus