Community Programs

Active, reflective, relaxing, engaging, informative..... Our community programs are designed in line with Ofsted inspection criteria, working with a variety of groups. Whether we are giving fathers a clear voice or offering courses for young mums to raise self-esteem and develop emotional resilience, our commitment is clear.

We aim to promote positive family relations and give parents and families, a wealth of strategies to enhance their social, emotional and economic well-being and to work towards a healthier lifestyle.

Our Work programs equip people with new skills and strategies for a seamless entry into the workplace.

Reflect offers parents the opportunity to develop greater confidence through positive appraisal of their current situations. Reflect also gives them the skills to develop new plans going forward and strategies to cope.

Mindfulness is now approved by N.I.C.E in addressing mental health issues and has been very successful in working with young mums offering a toolbox of coping strategies for modern life.

Our Time for us program offers sustainable support for families in crisis.


       Transforming and empowering people