Colleague Wellbeing Training Days

Calm and focused, our days offer colleagues some wonderful opportunities to interact in new ways, develop individual strengths and create a strong sense of Team.

Colleagues benefit from an improved sense of wellbeing and a greater understanding of how to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Physical and emotional Well Being are constantly challenged in today's hectic schedule of home and school. Our now renowned Colleague Well Being Training days develop whole school well being and help to create a safe and harmonious environment where people can flourish.

Improving resilience and performance are only part of what's on offer in our Team Days. This year we are even more determined to help you achieve your goals. Tell us what you want to achieve and we will help you to make it happen.

Furthermore, in striving to offer sustainable approaches we now offer in conjunction with our training days, a productive way forward with our new 20 day challenge, giving schools a wonderful opportunity to develop empathy, understanding and a very positive culture going forward.


               Rewarding Colleagues


               "Communal Well Being is central to human life" Cat Stevens"