Stress management Success with 96% of students benefiting 30th Sep 2014

Stress management Success with 96% of students benefiting

 One of the biggest issues King Edward VI Aston school identified in 2013 with their key stage 4 and 5 students was the growing pressures they faced associated with external examinations.  

Left unchecked, this could have had a negative impact on their well being and in some cases, played a contributing factor to boys not achieving their full potential in their exams.

Herriotts and Millward were engaged to deliver a series of workshops designed to provide a toolbox of strategies to combat stress and enhance well being including yoga, aromatherapy and relaxation and meditation for the years 10, 11 and 13 students. 

Impact and feedback from students has been described as "phenomenal"  and "so complimentary" by the Assistant Head; Ollie Welsby. Mr Welsby continues  "The weekly stress management and relaxation workshops that you have run with our Year 13 students had such a positive impact on their lives and general  well being it was so impressive and pleasing to see.

"The one day workshops for the whole of Year 10 and 11 students have also been incredibly successful and beneficial to our students; 96% of students in year 11 and 94% of students in Year 10 stated they found the workshops to be extremely beneficial and worthwhile.

"I am so pleased that we have been able to expand the programme this year to include weekly sessions for staff as well as students - we think this will have a really positive impact and will hop to alleviate some of the pressure and be of real benefit to the well being of those who face constant pressure in this tough pressure".



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