Baby Move and Baby Sign

Baby Move and Baby Sign will give little ones the ultimate opportunity to start life with wonderful opportunities to socialize, bond with parents, develop strongly and maintain optimum health, improve communication and reduce frustration. Most of all though, these two programs will see mums and babies spending quality time together in a very safe environment, sharing wonderful, peaceful time together.

Baby Move
A six week program incorporating Baby Yoga and stretch with the following outcomes;
Benefits for babies:
• Strengthens and aids development
• Improved sleep patterns
• Improved digestion
• Enhanced interaction
• A balance of activity and relaxation
• Pleasurable and fun activities
Benefits for mums, dads and carers:
• Helps to regain strength and maintain posture
• Tones the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor
• Nurturing oneself whilst enjoying activities with your baby
• Confidence in handling your baby
• Enhanced positivity and interaction
• Increased bonding between you and your baby
• Deep relaxation
• Pleasure and fun
Baby Sign
An eight week program offering real opportunities to improve communication between parents and babies with the following outcomes;
Benefits for baby:
• Your baby's needs, thoughts and ideas can be communicated
• Reducing frustration (for baby and parent!)
• Enhancing early vocabulary and understanding
• Encouraging the development of speech
• Enriching your baby's relationships
• Building confidence and self-esteem
• Teaches baby to initiate and have a useful conversation
• Stimulating your baby's intellectual and emotional development
• Reduces frustration, because babies can communicate their needs
• Strengthens the bond between baby and parent
• Helps to develop a wider vocabulary
• Leads to a higher than average literacy level
Benefits for the centre:
• Builds a common foundation for communication
• Reduces noise levels in your classrooms
• Minimizes stress and frustration for both your children and your staff
• Significantly reduces aggressive behaviour, including a great impact on biting problems
• Demonstrates the fact that your childcare facility actively participates in each child's development
• Accelerates development of verbal language
• Improves integration amongst diverse populations
  Stimulating intellectual and emotional development